Dropping Learning

Dropping Learning 

Accidentally sign up for the wrong class? No longer need a class you signed up for? EDGE allows you to drop trainings you enrolled in. Please note, you cannot drop required compliance-based trainings or a course that has been assigned to you without some assistance. 

How to Drop a Training 

If you enrolled yourself in a class that you now wish to drop, please follow the instructions below. 

Drop button is shown

1. Locate the training you would like to drop under My Learning on your EDGE Learning homepage.

2. Select View Details on the training.

3. Select Drop. 

Audit Reason box that appears when a learner drops a course

4.  A pop-up window will appear on the screen, asking you to confirm your choice to drop the course. Select Drop again to confirm.

5. Enter the reason you are dropping the course in the Audit Reason field 

6. Select Save.