The New Learning Management System Has A Name: EDGE Learning

June 3, 2020

EDGE Learning is intended to advance a culture of learning at UArizona, and it's name shows just that. 

The acronym EDGE, which stands for Employee Development, Growth, & Engagement, was chosen to acknowledge the outstanding contributions our staff and faculty bring to UArizona.  Without their commitment, we would not have the robust community that defines UArizona’s spirit today. 

EDGE also articulates the university’s commitment to directly invest in staff and faculty by providing professional development tools to support employee growth and ongoing advancement of the education and research missions of the university.  

The Learning component of the name refers to two things: the learning management system itself, and the culture of learning that empowers staff and faculty to invest in their own career paths, curiosity, and personal development. 

The EDGE Learning system was intentionally designed to help faculty and staff: 

  • Increase leadership, knowledge, and skill-sets through on-demand professional development 

  • Engage in a professional network with other learners on campus 

  • Advance careers through the opportunity to autonomously plan and track learning and progress

  • Easily access and complete mandatory compliance trainings

EDGE Learning: grow your knowledge, grow your community, grow your career.