EDGE Analytics Dashboard

UAccess EDGE Analytics Dashboard

 Check on training statuses department wide to see who is up-to-date, overdue, or approaching their recertification deadlines.

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What this Role Accomplishes

Allows individuals to track learning outside of the My Team Dashboard in EDGE & provides metrics on training data for departments and employees.


Who typically uses this role

  • Training Coordinators​

  • Individuals with the EDGE Registrar Role​

  • Individuals who need to track training statuses for individuals who are not their direct reports

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Commonly used EDGE Analytics Dashboards 

Make sure you are logged into the VPN to access these dashboards.

If you need to look up DCCs you will need to search by the Home Department 

  • Certification Overview - Search by Dept and/or certificate name to see certification enrollment & completion status for your unit.

  • Course Overview - Search by Dept and/or course name to see course enrollment & completion status for your unit.

  • Learner Overview - Search by employee name to see course enrollment & completion status for your employees.

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