Become an Offering Department

Host a Training in EDGE

EDGE Learning is a platform where UArizona departments can host trainings and become offering departments. If you would like your department's training to be available in EDGE Learning, please follow the steps outlined below.  When you are ready to get started, please submit this request form.


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Please note that due to a high demand of requests, implementation will begin starting November 2021 and on. To utilize the EDGE Learning Management System for department content, departments must:

  • Submit the request form

  • Attend a consultation with the EDGE Learning Team

  • Identify a Learning Administrator

  • Learning Administrator must attend a training

  • Design & maintain content 

  • Provide communication & support to audience of learners 

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Learning Administrator (LA) selected by your department will upload your training into EDGE. Your LA and/or other members of you team will design your training content since you are the experts in the subject matter. Our desire is for you to customize your training to be just the way you like it and the EDGE team will support that vision by offering training & support along the way. 

A Learning Administrator (LA) is a member of your team who you select to be serve as the project owner and project manager for the EDGE training(s) you wish to import. This means, they will be able to upload trainings on behalf of your department. They will attend an initial training and will be given additional training as system updates occur. 

  • Training Developer or Coordinator roles​

  • Technology services roles ​

  • Instructional Designer​

  • Business Analyst​

  • Operations Analyst ​

  • 30%-10% FTE Commitment depending on use case
  • 35 hours of training, practice in sandbox, and product build in EDGE Learning​
  • Design & develop EDGE offerings​
  • Attends monthly interest meetings​
  • Access and participation in EDGE Learning Teams group​
  • Access and participation in SABA LMS Community ​
  • EDGE maintenance & liaison for updates during tri-annual releases​
  • Customer service representative for training issues or questions​
  • Lead/own department process for offering within EDGE Learning for internal stakeholders

Faculty/Staff, Students*, Designated Campus Colleagues (DCCs). 

* August 20, 2021

Yes! EDGE allows for different testing functions including:

  • Pre-test

  • Post-test​

  • In-session test​

  • ​Test out option