Getting Started - EDGE Registrar Role

Accessing the Registrar Desktop 


The Registrar Desktop, located in EDGE Learning, is the tool you use to find and assign trainings to learners. 

1. Go to or select EDGE Learning on the UAccess Dashboard.

2. Enter your NetID and password. 

3. Open the Navigation Menu (next to the UA logo) and select Admin. 

4. Select Learning Admin.

5. Scroll down to Registrar Desktop and select New Order. 

Due Dates 


EDGE Learning gives you the option to assign a due date to your learners when you register them for a training. Whether a due date is recommended depends on the type of training. 

These trainings fall under several categories:

  • University required training 
  • Training completed within 30 days of hire 
  • Training that must be completed to gain heightened system access
  • Training based on job type 

For these trainings, assigning a due date is highly encouraged.

Please refer to the Compliance Office website for a list of trainings & their requirements.

Trainings for an employee's professional development can be assigned using the Registrar Role. 

There are a few important things to note about these trainings:

  • Assigning a due date is not required
  • Due dates, if assigned, may encourage the learner to complete the training by a certain date 
  • If assigning LinkedIn Learning courses, ensure the learner has access to the LinkedIn Catalog (that is, is a benefits-eligible employees ) 

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Registrar Role FAQs

These frequently asked questions provide a better understanding of the EDGE Learning Registrar Role. 

A new employee's EDGE profile is typically active  24-48 hours after their first day on the job. 

If you do not see your new employee in the EDGE system and it has been more than 48 hours, please contact the 24-7 Support Center.

Data from EDGE is pulled directly from UAccess Employee. It may take 24-48 hours to reflect a change in department or manager. 

If you see a separated employee listed as active in EDGE, please contact your business manager or HR representative to ensure an MSS Transaction has been submitted to remove them from the system. 

Incoming students will have access to EDGE Learning 30 days prior to the semester start date for which they are matriculated and term activated.

A student may lose access to EDGE Learning for various reasons, including deferred enrollment or academic issues. In such cases, the student will not be able to access trainings in EDGE Learning.

You can assign multiple training per order if: 

  • You are assigning trainings to only one learner, OR
  • All learners on the order need to take the same set of trainings. 

Yes! Your learner will receive a system-generated email notifying them they have been enrolled in a training. 

Yes! Before you submit your order be sure to double-check that you are assigning the correct trainings to the correct individuals. If you accidentally added the wrong learner or training, select the minus icon (-) to remove it from the order.