Find & Enroll

Finding & Enrolling in a Training 

Learn how to find and enroll in trainings within the EDGE Learning catalog. In this section, we will cover how to find a training using the Search and Browse options. We will then cover how to enroll into various types of trainings and recertification paths. 

Searching for a Training 

There are two methods you can use to locate trainings in EDGE Learning, Search and Browse.

Search bar shown on the EDGE Learning homepage


Enter the full or partial name of a training into the Learning Catalog Search field at the top of the page. Select Enter to view full search results or select a suggested training from the list of potential matches that appear below the search bar. 


Browse icon selected on the EDGE Learning homepage


Select Browse to explore different categories! Each category has subcategories to narrow your search. 

Arizona category contains trainings created by University of Arizona departments.

LinkedIn Learning categories contain LinkedIn Learning courses available to benefits-eligible faculty & staff. 

Enrolling in a Training 

The terminology on the course enrollment buttons and process varies depending on the training delivery method:

Web-Based Trainings 

Select Enroll.

A registration confirmation will appear and you will be sent a system-generated email confirming your enrollment.

Instructor-Led & Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings 

Select View Classes. Once you find a class you wish to enroll in, select Enroll.

You will be sent a system-generated email confirming your enrollment with a calendar invite.


Select Register and then select Complete Registration. 

You will be sent a system-generated email confirming your enrollment.

Enrolling in a Recertification Path

Registrar button on recertification

1. Under the My Learning column, select View Details on the certification you need to recertify for.  

2. Select the Registrar button. 

Complete Registration button on the recertification path

3. Select Complete Registration

4. Select Launch to start the recertification training.