Manager Dashboards

Manager Dashboards 

Use EDGE Learning's three Manager Team Dashboards to obtain basic information on your direct team’s learning progress. Explore what each dashboard has to offer below. 

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Manager Learning Dashboard

  • Displays assigned courses, curricula, and/or certifications that are in progress, acquired, & overdue.

  • You must set filters for a specific date range

  • Set additional filters to display data for the team as a whole or for an individual employee. 

My Team Enrollment Dashboard

  • View training details by employee.

  • For each member of your team, it presents the number of learning items Not Evaluated (in progress), Pending Registration, Successfully Completed, and Suspended (cancelled).

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 Team Status Overview

  • Provides summary data for the team as a whole: how many learning events are assigned, in progress, and overdue.

  • The Team Compliance table displays the number of mandatory courses and certifications that are assigned, in progress, and overdue.

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