Access & Assistance

Assistance & Dashboard Access

The EDGE Analytics Dashboard resides in UAccess Analytics, not the EDGE Learning Platform. This role requires specific provisioning to access. Please reach out to University Analytics and Institutional Research (UAIR) with specific dashboard questions. 

Assistance & How-To Guides

UAIR Office Hours 

Need one-on-one assistance navigating EDGE Analytics? Visit the link below to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a UAIR Instructor.


Analytics Training 

Learn more about accessing and navigating the UAccess Analytics Dashboards by viewing the training offered by UAIR in the link below. 

UAccess Analytics Training 

How-To Guide 

View tips and tricks for navigating EDGE Analytics and learn more about each dashboard and the data it provides.


Gaining Access to the Dashboard 

The video below outlines the steps to submit an access provisioning request for UAccess Analytics. To request access to the EDGE Analytics dashboard, select the following:

In the "What Access Required" column, select EDGE Learning.

In the "Permission" column, select Edge Learning–Medium.