How to Access LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Website

Accessing LinkedIn Learning

If this is the first time you are using LinkedIn Learning, please follow the activation steps outlined below to get started. Once you have activated your account, you can access LinkedIn Learning content in three different ways. Please note, when signing in, enter your university email address (in format).

EDGE LinkedIn Learning Catalog

LinkedIn Learning Website 

LinkedIn Learning Mobile App


Activating Your LinkedIn Learning Account

If this is your first time logging into LinkedIn Learning, please complete the steps outlined below to activate your LinkedIn Learning Account.  

EDGE Catalog with the LinkedIn Learning opened in the Browse menu

1. Access EDGE Learning by going to

2. To view the LinkedIn Learning content library use the “Browse” drop down menu and select “LinkedIn Learning” OR Search for key words using the search bar

3. After locating the course you want to view, click “Enroll”

Continue button shown on a LinkedIn Learning course

4. Select “Continue” to launch your course

5. Use your University credentials for Single Sign On

6. Your course will appear in a new window. Note: If your course does not launch, you may need to disable pop up blockers

LinkedIn Learning Logo shown

7. Select the LinkedIn Learning logo in the top left corner

8. You will be asked to complete your account set up. Select “Sounds good”

9. Select topics that you are interested in learning and select “Continue”

Confirmation screen with the words "start learning"

10. Optional: Set a weekly goal

11. Optional: Connect your LinkedIn Learning account with your LinkedIn Profile

12. When your account is set up you will see a confirmation screen. Select “Start Learning”