Using the Registrar Desktop

How to Use the Registrar Desktop 

The Registrar Desktop is your hub for finding and assigning trainings. Review the information below for a refresher on how to find and assign trainings to learners. 


Finding & Assigning Training(s)

Step 1

Enter the training title or keywords into the search bar and select the magnifying glass. 

Step 2

Select the calendar and choose a due date (optional). View our Getting Started section for more information on due dates. 

Step 3

Select the plus icon (+) next to the training you wish to add to the order. 

Need a quick refresher on required University of Arizona trainings? Visit the Compliance Office website. 

Compliance Office website

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Finding  Learners 

The EDGE Registrar Role has various search methods you can use to find the learners you wish to assign. 

Enter the learner's first and last name into the search field and select the magnifying glass to commence the search.

Enter the learner's NetID into the search field and select the magnifying glass to commence the search. 

Select the Filters icon. Type in a keyword for your department name and options will auto-populate. Select the bubble next to the department you wish to search by.

The department name corresponds to what is listed in UAccess Employee.  Organization codes will not generate results.

Type in a manager's name or NetID. Select the bubble next to their name. 

DCCs do not have managers listed. Managers will match what is listed in UAccess Employee.

Assigning Learners 

There are multiple ways to assign learners to your order. Expand each section to find out more. 

Use the Select All button to assign training(s) to an entire team. Only use this option if ALL the employees have to take the SAME training

If only one or a few employees need to take a training, you can add individual employees by selecting the plus icon (+) next to each employee's name.

This is the easiest way to add numerous learners across multiple departments. You can upload as many as 200 learners in one order using the CSV button. 

You can list either the employees' NetIDs or their Employee IDs in the  CSV file. Access sample files by selecting the Upload CSV File button.

To upload your file, select Upload CSV File. Then select Browse to find the file you want to upload. Once you have chosen the file, select OK to upload it. 

Finalizing the Order 


To finalize your order, select Add to Plan at the bottom of the page. A summary screen pops up listing the training title, training type, due date (if applicable), and number of learners assigned. If all the information is accurate, select OK. 

If Your Order Was Successful

If there were no errors with your order, you will return to a blank order screen. 

If Your Order Had an Error

If a learner has already registered for or taken the training you attempt to assign, a message identifying that learner pops up. If  multiple learners were on the same order, any that don't have error messages were assigned successfully